Quality Manager Automated Manufacturing

Company Name:
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Job Ref.: 2141
Job Title: Quality Manager Automated Manufacturing
Role: Management
Relocation Available: Yes, but local or closeby is ideal
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: North Carolina
Town / City: Garner
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are looking for a Quality Manager with Automated Manufacturing Experience.
Worldwide manufacturing company with operations in North Carolina. The strength of the organization is a focus on continuous innovation and investments in both product and technological developments is looking for a Quality Manager.
The Quality Manager serves as a liaison between the customer and the production departments to ensure that manufactured, or purchased, products meet all the functional, appearance and reliability requirements to promote the high quality standards. The QM responsibilities include maintaining control over material/process changes, consistent surveillance of manufacturing processes, proactive product/process audits and annual reductions in the Cost of Poor Quality.
Quality Control
Establishing, communicating and promoting Product Quality Standards that will promote the brand to customers and consumers.
Design and manage a quality control (QC) program by establishing operational techniques and activities aimed at monitoring processes and eliminating causes of unsatisfactory performance at all stages of the manufacturing operation.
Develop, implement and manage new or improved quality systems to ensure that the quality control program is effectively maintained and that the production and lab staff is achieving established quality requirements.
Evaluate current manufacturing processes and provide recommendations to the manufacturing management team with the aim of adding value to product quality. Provide guidance in the process improvement activities of other departments within the organization as needed.
Establish qualification criteria for suppliers/materials and ensure the criterion is met. Manage vendor relationships to drive continual improvements
Develop and direct Design of Experiments (DOE) and statistical analysis to improve processes.
Direct and manage an efficient team of quality specialists to achieve objectives.
Four-year degree in Quality, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering required.
Minimum of five years of experience as a Quality Manager, Supervisor or Engineer in a highly automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing environment.
Minimum three years of experience in the direct management of others.
Successful track record leading complex projects.
Knowledge of Six Sigma, Lean and ISO9000 highly preferred.
Able to make decisions on available information and take action; make commitments and not change decisions when challenged; deal with emergencies as necessary to support 24/7 operations.
Able to clearly present information through the spoken word; influence or persuade others through oral presentation in positive or negative circumstances; listen well.
Able to create positive energy (motivation) in both individuals and groups.
Able to use a systematic approach in solving problems through analysis of problem and evaluation of alternate solutions; use logic, mathematics, or other problem solving tools in data analysis or in generating solutions.
Able to define realistic, specific goals and objectives; to prioritize objectives.
Able to write clearly and effectively present ideas to document activities; to read and interpret written information.
Able to organize or schedule people to tasks; to develop realistic action plans while being sensitive to time constraints and resource availability.
Able to develop unique and novel solutions to problems; use intuition and a new way of thinking to give birth to new ideas; to present information in an attention-getting and interesting manner.
Able to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and realistic understanding of issues; able to use reason, even when dealing with emotional topics.
Able to withhold action or speech in the absence of important information; deal with unresolved situations, frequent change, delays or unexpected events.
Able to maturely express one's opinions and feelings in spite of disagreement; accurately communicate to others regardless of their status or position.
Able to influence the actions and opinions of others in a desired direction; to exhibit judgment in leading others to worthwhile objectives.
Able to work with people in such a manner as to build high morale and group commitments to goals and objectives.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in Quality, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, or similar.
2. 5+ years as a Quality Manager, Supervisor or Engineer in a highly automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing environment.
3. 3+ years of experience in the direct management of others.
4. Experience with Six Sigma, Lean and ISO9000 highly preferred.

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